Oliver Kaczmarek, Member of the German Bundestag,visits VDM Metals

At the invitation of the VDM Metals Group works council, Oliver Kaczmarek, Member of the German Bundestag, visited the global market leader in nickel alloys and special high alloyed stainless steels on August 21. This was his second visit to the Unna site. In addition to conversations about general political and industry-specific topics, the program included a tour of the plant.

22.  August  2019

Rolf Schencking, member of the management board, used this opportunity to present the company and its latest developments. Energy policy topics were an important point of discussion, because VDM Metals is dependent on competitive framework conditions as an innovation-driven, but also energy-intensive manufacturing company.

Oliver Kaczmarek explained: “With the energy transition, our society is facing one of the greatest and most comprehensive transformation processes. Within the SPD [Social Democrats] we have clear and ambitious climate targets, but we should not lose sight of preserving our industrial base in Germany. In the future, we will thus continue to rely on a strong industrial core.”

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