Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

With their low thermal expansion coefficients, the ferronickel alloys produced by VDM Metals are highly sought after in medical technology and construction of medical diagnostic equipment. Rods and strip sheets made of VDM® Ni 42 and VDM® Alloy 29-18, for example, are made into deep-drawn parts with applications in MRI scanners or X-ray equipment.

MRI Scanner

VDM materials have many different fields of application:

  • Joint replacements for hips, knees, shoulders, the spine, elbows and hands
  • Stabilization and fixation systems for the spine and cages for fusion
  • Bone fixing materials such as nails, plates and screws
  • Dental implants and parts for orthodontic surgery and dental prosthetics
  • Pacemaker housings and artificial cardiac valves
  • Surgical instruments for cardiac and ophthalmologic surgery
  • Components in high-speed blood centrifuges
  • Magnetic resonance scanners and X-ray equipment

Following are some alloys typically used in medical applications:

  • VDM® Ni 42 (1.3917/UNS K94200)
  • VDM® Alloy 29-18 (1.3981/UNS K94610)

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